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Package Price
Fresh Chicken Drumsticks $0.99/lb.
Fresh Purdue Ground Chicken, 16 oz. $3.99/lb.
Fresh Boneless Ribeye Steaks $12.99/lb.
Bone-In Center Cut Pork Roasts or Chops $2.49/lb.
Best Yet Fully Cooked Italian Style Meatballs, 28 oz. pkg. $7.99/each
Best Yet 31-40 ct. Cooked Shrimp, Frozen 16 oz. bag $6.99/each
Oscar Mayer Bologna or Cotto Salami, EXCLUDES BEEF, 16 oz. pkg. $2.99/each
Kayem Natural Casing Small Batch Polska Kielbasa, 14 oz. pkg. $4.99/each

Prices & Availability Subject to Change Without Notice

Attention Canadian Customers

For customers who may not be aware, Revenue Canada does set limits on how much meat you can bring across the border at one time. You are only allowed one turkey per person, and you are allowed to bring up to 42 pounds of meat per trip. However, among that 42 pounds of meat, you can only bring over 11 pounds of red meat, and the turkey is also included in that 42 pounds. So, if your turkey weighs 10 pounds you can only bring over 32 pounds more of meat to equal the 42 pound total. If you are unsure of what you can and cannot bring over, please contact Revenue Canada, or stop on your way into the U.S., as some rules have changed.