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Calais IGA and Orono IGA Dedicated Hours of Operation

Grocery stores around the country are dedicating the first hour of operation for senior citizens, and those most vulnerable to the Corona Virus, COVID-19. By doing so, it allows them to shop during the less crowed hours of the day. Many stores are having very good luck with this and we would like implement this in our stores immediately. Starting March 20th, with your help and cooperation, we would like to encourage that only senior citizens and customers most vulnerable to COVID-19 virus shop at our stores during the first hours of operation.

Senior Citizen & Vulnerable Customer Shopping Hours:

Orono it will be from 7am - 8am
Calais it will be Monday - Friday: 6am - 7am and Sunday 7am - 8am

If you do not fall within one of the groups listed above, we still want your business and will not refuse it. We are however asking for your help to allow our seniors, and customers most vulnerable, have these dedicated hours to shop. We encourage you to plan your shopping trips around these hours. Thank you VERY much for your business and support, and thank you for being loyal IGA customers. If you have any questions please feel free to call Calais IGA at 454-3892 and Orono IGA at 827-0354.

Orono/Calais IGA

Your Hometown Proud Supermarkets

At Orono/Calais IGA, we are a locally owned IGA grocery store offering quality foods, household goods and excellent customer service. Both of our locations offer quality meats, fresh produce, delicious deli items, and a full selection of beer, wines, and spirits. We also carry live lobsters to give our customers a taste of the coast. You’ll find all the household grocery items you’re looking for including personal care products, pet supplies, and cleaning products.

Are you planning for an event, or just stopping in to grab a quick meal on your lunch break? Not a problem. We carry delicious rotisserie chickens, party platters, and premade sandwiches to satisfy your needs. All at Orono/Calais IGA, where we’re proud to serve you, our valued patrons.

Our Services

*NOTE - The following services with a (*) are ONLY offered at our Orono location.

  • Gift Certificates
  • Gift Cards
  • Phone Cards
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Megabucks Tickets
  • Stamps
  • Faxing
  • UPS Shipping *
  • Utility Payments *
  • Photo Copying
  • Rug Doctor *
  • ATM on Site *
  • Tuesdays: 5% Discount for Senior Citizens *

As well as our regular customers we also encourage University of Maine and Washington County Community College students to shop in our stores for quality foods and great pricing. We gladly accept the Maine Black Bear One Card as well as other credit cards.

Dear Valued Customer,

Hometown Proud is more than just a slogan for IGA - it's the preservation of an idea. The idea that a supermarket can become so much more than just a place that sells food. At Orono/Calais IGA we believe that a good grocery store isn't a sprawling, impersonal example of a cookie cutter commerce, but a community hub owned and operated by the very people who know the area best - the citizens. We are proud to be serving your grocery needs in both Orono and Calais and thank you for shopping with us.

Bob Craft & David Pike