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Canadian Exchange Rates / Info For Shoppers

Attention Canadian Customers

We now have a system in place that will allow us, upon approval, to accept your Canadian checks. Our system only accepts, at this time, debit cards from the Bank of Montreal, the Credit Union, Bank of Nova Scotia, and the Royal Bank of Canada, therefore, writing a check may be easier than withdrawing funds from the local bank machine. A drivers license will be required on all transactions, and in some cases, the money will be deducted directly from your bank account, and the check returned to you as a receipt. For more information on our new system, feel free to email us, or inquire on your next visit to our store!

Today's Canadian Discount (subject to change):


$1.00 Canadian = $0.70 U.S.

This means you need approximately $1.43 Canadian for every $1.00 in U.S. dollar sales.

How we compute this:

  • $1.00 U.S. divided by the discount rate (.70) = approx. $1.43 Canadian.
  • $1.43 Canadian multiplied by the discount rate (.70) = approx. $1.00 U.S.

To estimate your total in Canadian dollars, simply divide your total in U.S. dollars by the discount rate (.70).

Please Note: As the exchange rate is subject to change without notice, please call us at 207-454-3892 if you'd like to verify the most up-to-date information.